Struct Rect

2D rectangle


Name Description
this constructs rectangle using left, top, right, bottom coordinates


Name Type Description
bottom int y coordinate of bottom right corner
left int x coordinate of top left corner
right int x coordinate of bottom right corner
top int y coordinate of top left corner


Name Type Description
bottomRight [get] Point returns bottom right point of rectangle
empty [get] bool returns true if rectangle is empty (right <= left || bottom <= top)
height [get] int returns height of rectangle (bottom - top)
middle [get] Point returns middle point
middlex [get] int returns average of left, right
middley [get] int returns average of top, bottom
topLeft [get] Point returns top left point of rectangle
width [get] int returns width of rectangle (right - left)


Name Description
expand expand rectangle dimensions
intersect updates this rect to intersection with rc, returns true if result is non empty
intersects returns true if this rect has nonempty intersection with rc
isInsideOf this rectangle is completely inside rc
isPointInside returns true if point is inside of this rectangle
moveToFit moves this rect to fit rc bounds, retaining the same size
offset add offset to horizontal and vertical coordinates
setMax for all fields, sets this.field to rc.field if rc.field > this.field
shrink shrink rectangle dimensions


Name Description
moveBy translate rectangle coordinates by (x,y) - add deltax to x coordinates, and deltay to y coordinates


Vadim Lopatin,


Vadim Lopatin, 2014


Boost License 1.0