Module dlangui

This module is just to simplify import of most useful DLANGUI modules.


// helloworld
import dlangui;
// required in one of modules

/// entry point for dlangui based application
extern (C) int UIAppMain(string[] args) {
    // resource directory search paths
    string[] resourceDirs = [
        appendPath(exePath, "../../../res/"),   // for Visual D and DUB builds
        appendPath(exePath, "../../../../res/"), // for Mono-D builds
        appendPath(exePath, "res/") // when res dir is located at the same directory as executable

    // setup resource directories - will use only existing directories
    Platform.instance.resourceDirs = resourceDirs;
    // select translation file - for english language
    Platform.instance.uiLanguage = "en";
    // load theme from file "theme_default.xml"
    Platform.instance.uiTheme = "theme_default";

    // create window
    Window window = Platform.instance.createWindow("My Window", null);
    // create some widget to show in window
    window.mainWidget = (new Button()).text("Hello world"d);
    // show window;
    // run message loop
    return Platform.instance.enterMessageLoop();


Vadim Lopatin,


Vadim Lopatin, 2014


Boost License 1.0