Module dlangui.widgets.controls

This module contains simple controls widgets implementation.

TextWidget - static text

ImageWidget - image

Button - button with only text

ImageButton - button with only image

ImageTextButton - button with text and image

ScrollBar - scrollbar control

UrlImageTextButton - URL link button


import dlangui.widgets.controls;


Name Description
OnDrawHandler interface - slot for onClick
OnScrollHandler scroll event handler interface


Name Description
AbstractSlider base class for widgets like scrollbars and sliders
Button Text only button
CanvasWidget canvas widget - draw on it either by overriding of doDraw() or by assigning of onDrawListener
CheckBox checkbox
HSpacer horizontal spacer to fill empty space in horizontal layouts
ImageButton button with image only
ImageCheckButton button with image working as trigger: check / uncheck occurs when pressing
ImageTextButton button with image and text
ImageWidget static image widget
LinkButton button looking like URL, executing specified action
MultilineTextWidget static text widget with multiline text
RadioButton radio button
ScrollBar scroll bar - either vertical or horizontal
SwitchWidget Switch (on/off) widget
TextWidget static text widget
UrlImageTextButton button - url
VSpacer vertical spacer to fill empty space in vertical layouts


Vadim Lopatin,


Vadim Lopatin, 2014


Boost License 1.0