Class Log

Logging utilities

Setup example:

// use stderror for logging
// set log level

Logging example:

// log debug message
Log.d("mouse clicked at ", x, ",", y);
// log error message
Log.e("exception while reading file", e);

Inherits from

  • Object (base class)


Name Type Description
mutex [get] core.sync.mutex.Mutex


Name Description
d Log debug message
e Log error message
f Log fatal error message
fd Log debug message with format string
fe Log error message
ff Log fatal error message
fi Log info message
fv Log verbose / trace message with format string
fw Log warn message
i Log info message
log Log message with arbitrary log level
logf Log message with arbitrary log level with format string
logLevelName Log level to name helper function
setFileLogger Redirects output to file
setLogLevel Sets log level (one of LogLevel)
setStderrLogger Redirects output to stderr
setStdoutLogger Redirects output to stdout
v Log verbose / trace message
w Log warn message


Vadim Lopatin,


Vadim Lopatin, 2014


Boost License 1.0