Class Camera


Inherits from


Name Description


Name Type Description
_dirtyView bool
_dirtyViewProjection bool
_enabled bool
_projectionMatrix mat4
_viewMatrix mat4
_viewProjectionMatrix mat4
_children ObjectList!(
_dirtyTransform bool
_hasRotation bool
_hasScale bool
_hasTranslation bool
_id string
_matrix mat4
_parent Node3d
_rotation mat4
_scale vec3
_scene Scene3d
_translation vec3
_worldMatrix mat4


Name Type Description
enabled [get] bool returns true if camera is active (enabled)
enabled [set] bool activates / deactivates camera
projectionMatrix [get] const(mat4) get projection matrix
projectionMatrix [set] mat4 set custom projection matrix
projectionViewMatrix [get] const(mat4) get projection*view matrix
viewMatrix [get] const(mat4)
childCount [get] int returns child node count
id [set] Node3d set id for node
id [get] string id of node
matrix [get] const(mat4) get transform matrix, recalculates if needed
parent [get] Node3d parent node
parent [set] Node3d
scaling [get] const(vec3) get scale vector
scaling [set] float set scale vector x, y, z to the same value
scaling [set] const(vec3) set scale vector
scalingX [set] float set scale X
scalingX [get] float get scale X
scalingY [set] float set scale Y
scalingY [get] float get scale Y
scalingZ [set] float set scale Z
scalingZ [get] float get scale Z
scene [set] Scene3d
scene [get] Scene3d returns scene for node
translation [get] const(vec3) get translation vector
translation [set] inout(vec3) set translation vector
translation [set] float set translation vector x, y, z to the same value
translationX [get] float get translation X
translationX [set] float set translation x
translationY [set] float set translation y
translationY [get] float get translation Y
translationZ [set] float set translation z
translationZ [get] float get translation Z


Name Description
setOrtho set orthographic projection
setPerspective set perspective projection
addChild add child node
child returns child node by index
removeChild removes and destroys child node by index
rotate rotate around custom axis
rotateX rotate around X axis
rotateY rotate around Y axis
rotateZ rotate around Z axis
scale scale all axis by the same values
scale scale by vector
scaleX scale X
scaleY scale Y
scaleZ scale Z
setIdentity set transform to identity transform
translate translate by vector
translateX translate X
translateY translate Y
translateZ translate Z