Class IconStringListAdapter

List adapter providing strings with icons.

Inherits from


Name Description
this create empty string list adapter.
this Init with array of StringListValue.


Name Type Description
_iconWidget ImageWidget
_textWidget TextWidget
_widget HorizontalLayout
adapterChanged Signal!(dlangui.widgets.lists.OnAdapterChangeHandler) Handle items change
_iconIds string[]
_intIds int[]
_items UIStringCollection
_lastItemIndex int
_states uint[]
_stringIds string[]


Name Type Description
itemCount [get] int returns number of widgets in list
items [set] StringListAdapterBase Replace items collection.
items [get] const(UIStringCollection) Access to items collection.


Name Description
itemWidget return list item widget by item index
onThemeChanged called when theme is changed
resetItemState reset one or more list item's state flags, returns updated state
setItemState set one or more list item's state flags, returns updated state
add add new raw dstring item
add add new item
add add new string resource item
clear remove all items
connect connect adapter change handler
disconnect disconnect adapter change handler
itemId returns integer item id by index (if supported)
itemState return list item's state flags
itemStringId returns string item id by index (if supported)
remove remove item by index
updateViews notify listeners about list items changes


Vadim Lopatin,


Vadim Lopatin, 2014


Boost License 1.0